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Jessi Brooks – Metal Artist, Joy Broadcaster

Jessi Brooks has always been a creator. She began drawing at a young age, finding colorful and simplistic imagery that delighted and inspired her. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, she surrounded herself with artists and musicians that stimulated her growth as an artist but felt a calling to the West
Coast, which was more reflective and complimentary to her personal style. Pursuing massage therapy and practicing yoga and meditation for guidance, she embarked on her personal quest to fulfill a lifelong dream of coming to California.

Upon arriving in Central California, she learned the technical aspects of metal sculpture from a friend ultimately being the catalyst to reengaging her creativity and bringing some of her early drawings to life in three dimensional form. The metal medium challenged her softer, spiritual approach but proved to be extraordinary. Being drawn to imagery that tends to make people feel good, Jessi brings more whimsical and lighter aspects to metal art, emulating her free nature. A new love was born. Since then she has been working collaboratively and independently, displaying at local exhibitions in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. For almost a decade, she has exhibited at Auburn Old Town Gallery, as well as enjoying many personal and private commissions in her artists’ arena.


Artist Statement

A few years ago, a friend spotted some of my drawings & inspired me to further my passion for art which I had swept under the carpet. At the time, Metal Artists were all around me so their influence, encouragement and years of experience made the transition from massage therapist to metal artist quite thrilling. I learned that with metal, I could still bring my whimsical side to the art without compromising
my vision. The vibrant colors and textures I use bring my love of music & nature to life.

I love working with recycled metal & taking trips to the scrap yard on a Saturday morning is an absolute blast. Recently I’ve enjoyed joining together other mediums such as ceramics & copper to my metal work for a slightly softer appeal.

Making works of art allows me the opportunity to enter into another world where I feel free, I feel positive, I feel love ~ and from there, I am able to express how I embrace life. I have done my job as an artist if the pieces I create bring happiness & warmth to the eye of the beholder.

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